Can Mederma Truly Get Rid Of Acne Scarring?

By Scott Mogul

If you try Mederma acne scars may show improvement, but they may not. Evaluations of this product are mixed. A few people report it has was a success for their acne scarring, while others report little to no improvement. Those with lighter scars seem to have more satisfactory results than those with darker scars.

User Reviews

When reviewing comments from people that have tried Mederma, we discovered that about two thirds of people were somewhat satisfied or very satisfied with the results. However , even those that were pleased with their results voiced worries about some aspects of the product. Most felt that Mederma was very over priced. Numerous people complained about the smell of it. Others felt that, even though it was effective, it took a considerable time before they saw any results, often a few months.

Not everybody is satisfied with the outcome of Mederma, though. Some found minimal improvement in their acne scars. It could be that Mederma is most effective on light scars or on skin with minimal scarring and less effective on extremely dark scars or severe scars.

Onion Extract vs. Petroleum Jelly

It should be mentioned that the main ingredient in Mederma is onion extract. A study conducted in 2006 at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston compared the outcome of treating surgical scarring with onion extract to the result of treating surgical scars with petroleum jelly. No serious distinction was discovered between the 2. Of course, surgical scars are not exactly the same as acne scars, but the two are not that different, either.

Mederma is available as both a cream and a gel, and either will act as a moisturizer for injured skin. Physicians have long recommended some kind of moisturizer to diminish scarring; usually they like to recommend petroleum jelly, explaining why the study at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital compared Mederma to petroleum jelly. In cases in which people noticed improvement in the appearance of scarring after using Mederma, the improvement may be due to the moisturizing effect instead of the onion extract, in which case it makes try to just use petroleum jelly since it's much less expensive.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you use Mederma acne scars may get better but they may not. Scars typically fade a bit over a period of time even if they are not treated with anything; nonetheless treating scars as soon as possible after they form may improve the efficacy of any treatment.

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